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English Requirements

IELTS 6.5/5.5




The demand for data scientists is ever-rising. A report by Harvard Business Review suggests that the shortage of data scientists has become a serious constraint in certain sectors, leading the authors to claim Data Scientist as the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.

Data Scientists carry out applied research to create innovative data-driven solutions to business problems. Usually, they work with large, complex, varied, and unstructured data sets that are not suitable for using traditional data analysis approaches and techniques. This program is specifically designed to enable you to develop this in-depth technical knowledge that will allow you to discover new data-driven solutions.

Key facts

  • Develop in-demand skills to work in a range of roles in the IT industry
  • Enhance your knowledge in the application of programming language, big data, and machine learning on the cloud
  • Also available as MSc Big Data and Data Science Technology with Advanced Practice
  • Designed to meet the accreditation criteria of BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT for the purposes of meeting the academic requirement for registration as a Chartered IT Professional
  • Upon completion of your program, you will be eligible for the QA Professional Pathways programs which will enable you to further develop your skills with one of the UK’s largest providers of IT and project management training

Entry Requirements:

Postgraduate Programmes

4-year Bachelor’s degree or 3-year Honours from a high-ranked HEC recognised Universities 54.5% / 2.5 / CB
for courses requiring a UK 2:2 equivalent

64.5% / 3.5 / BA for courses requiring a UK 2:1 equivalent

Masters degree

49.5% / 2.0 / CC

Graduate Certificate

4 year Bachelor degree or 3 year Honours from a high ranked HEC recognised Universities 44.5% / 1.5 / DC
Masters degree 39.5% / 1.0 / DD

English Language Req:

IELTS Postgraduate: 6.5/5.5

Fee & Funding:

Initial deposit: 5,500

Foundation: £16,000
Bachelor: £16,500
Masters: £16,500
Master with Placement: £19,500

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