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English Requirements

IELTS 6.0/5.5




The world is more interconnected than ever – and successful managers must understand how to operate in an international organisational environment. In the MSc International Management and Business Development, you’ll build on your theoretical knowledge, solidify your practical skills and broaden your understanding of business and culture across the globe. You will:

  • Learn the strategies, policies and practices of responsible business development for new or existing businesses
  • Gain insight into best practices for managing and inspiring employees and colleagues
  • Master the processes of sustainable business performance
  • Explore the values, etiquette and business environments of other cultures
  • Develop competence in change management and entrepreneurship

At GCU, we’re committed to producing graduates and professionals who can make a positive impact. Through ethical business leadership, cross-cultural respect and meaningful entrepreneurship, you can contribute to the common good – and also find a fulfilling and rewarding career.

The MSc International Management and Business Development isn’t just a professional credential. It’s an experience that offers a new way of seeing the world.

Entry Requirements:

4 year Bachelor Degree : 50%

English Language Req:

Academic IELTS score of 6.0 (or equivalent) with no element below 5.5.

Fee & Funding:

Annual full-time tuition fees

International: £14,500

Two-year masters tuition fees 2022/23
  • International £18,000. These are the total fees payable to study one of our two-year masters with professional practice courses.
  • International students will pay £13,500 before starting year one, and pay the balance of £4,500 before starting year two.
  • International £13,500. You will not be required to pay the year two fees.
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Scholarship: £2,000

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